Almost Time To Go

Fall. In Canada, fall and winter can share very similar weather patterns. Come to think of it, so can spring. Our weather takes a predictable turn towards the end of September. You can feel it. The nights are colder. You can see it. The days get shorter. And, when you have to take out a winter coat to walk the dog, it hits you.

Almost time to go.

This is the weather forecast for the week:

Friday evening looks like a winner. We will drop from 26 Celsius (roughly 80 Fahrenheit) today to 1 Celsius (roughly 34 Fahrenheit) in a matter of a few days.

We will sometimes see some warmer weather in October. But generally, October is the month that Canadians begin to pull out their toques (a toque is what Canadians call a knit cap head cover, often the last defence against our freezing weather).

We begin our trek south in three weeks. We will leave our current site on October 23rd and park the coach near the U.S. border until we cross over on November 1st.

The long-range forecast for where we will be staying at the end of October is not all that encouraging:

Snow is always a possibility. When we were there last year, we were surprised at just how cold it was for that time of year. Temperatures were well below historical averages. Perhaps the weather might be a bit milder this time around.

There is always hope.

Plus 1.

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