5th Wheel Or Class A?

It was always Class A. Whenever we talked about our plans to live in an RV during the early part of our retirement, it was always focused on a Class A motorhome. We did look at a few travel trailers, like the Airstream, and a few fifth wheels, but never considered them seriously.

Downsizing does take place within the RV community. More of it than what I thought would be the case. And switching also takes place within the RV community. People switching between the various classes of motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

One couple we follow online, Dave and Diane, recently made the switch from a large Class A motorhome to a premium 5th wheel. Dave has a lengthy post describing, quite fairly in my opinion, the pros and cons between the two:

As those of you that follow our blog know, after over 6 years full-timing in 2 different Class A motorhomes we decided to switch to a New Horizon 5th wheel.

With that in mind I started thinking about how many times I see people asking on different forums “which is better for the full-time lifestyle, a Class A or 5th wheel” and how many times the people answering that question have only owned and actually lived in one or the other and can’t possible give a well-rounded answer.

When we are at the Florida RV Supershow in January, I plan to spend more time looking at the various 5th wheel manufacturers.

Would we ever want to live full-time in a 5th wheel or a travel trailer for that matter?

It just doesn’t have the same appeal as a Class A motorhome.

However, if we see a radical shift in the pricing and availability of fossil fuel, we might not have a choice in the not too distant future. I have yet to see any Class A motorhome companies planning, or even discussing, their transition to a greener energy source.

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