Stonewall Jackson

It was a dark and stormy night. Let’s just say that the start of our journey south was a bit challenging. No issues at the border crossing. We handed over our Nexus cards, the officer asked us where we were going and how long we were staying after which he returned our cards and said “Have a nice day.”

The day was not nice for driving. It was a day filled with torrential downpours, high winds and tornado warnings. Oh, and bitter cold. Even after driving 600 kilometres south.

A long drive in the coach. Too long really. We were up at 5am and it took us two hours to prep and get the coach on the road. A 600 kilometre drive should take about 6 hours in theory. We were closer to 10 hours by the time we pulled into Stonewall Jackson State Park. It was good to get the jacks down and recover from the drive.

We spent two nights at Stonewall Jackson.

We had site 12.

Site 12 is one of the few 50 amp sites in the park. Most of the sites are paved although the pavement is very narrow. Our site was not level. We noticed that fifth wheels had a lot of difficulty backing into their sites. The loops here are very tight.

I had no issue parking the coach. We had a clear line of sight for our satellite and the park WiFi was much better than when we stayed here last year, meaning that we could at least do email and browse the web.

When we arrived, there was a break in the storm. That allowed us to setup without getting drenched.

The Canadian RV community, especially in the Class A coach community, is pretty small and we are never surprised when we bump into friends on the road. A couple that we have connected with several times over the years just happened to be staying here. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with them at a nice restaurant in the main lodge.

A few photos to share from the state park. Even though the sky was very overcast, I hope you can get a sense of the beauty of this particular spot.

A wooden pedestrian bridge connects the campground to the resort which you can see on the upper right hand side of the photo.

As Lorraine quickly found out, the people that live here in West Virginia are very, very tall.

There are a few piers along the lake. If the weather had been warmer, we might have rented a kayak or a canoe. The temperature this day was close to freezing. We opted to hike instead.

Several trails can be reached from the main lodge. We elected to follow the Lakeside trail, over 3 miles in length, although much of that trail was through deeply forested areas.

A few shots from the trail within the woods.

So many leaves. At times it was hard to find the trail but we manage to make it back to our coach.

We left Stonewall Jackson on Saturday and made our way to Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach Resort in Lake Lure, North Carolina where we are now. We will be staying here for the week.

Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach resort is a stunning place and I’ll share more about this place in tomorrow’s post.

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