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April Fools perhaps? This was one of the last emails I received from Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort, the same folks behind Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort. It hit my mailbox on April 1, 2019:


Only 13 Priority Reservation Agreements remain. Call Suzanne to learn more about the advantages of the Priority Reservation Agreement. Here are a few highlights of being one of the first 25 lot owners:
– Be among the first to select your preferred lot
– Discounted price advantage only available to agreement holders
– Lot trade advantage
NEW ADVANTAGE: Guaranteed a lot to occupy while you build a coach villa on your lot in the 2019/2020 winter season.

Except nothing in life is guaranteed. I was speaking with my American buddy about this development last week. He told me that he had gone down to take a look at it and that there was nothing to see. He thought that the project had been abandoned.

A few days later and I received a bit of an odd email from Myriad:

The update, for whatever strange reason, was a tiny embedded graphic. It reads:

The developer of Myriad RV Resort has modified their project plan. Moving away from a phased approach, Myriad will be built out all at once. The completed project will open in 2021. Lots will be available FOR RENT. The completed Resort will open in 2021. There will be no lots FOR SALE. Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort…
– same reputable high end developer
– same resort vision with a new project plan
– open for renters in calendar year 2021

Something odd happened with this development. I had posted about Myriad last January. You can find that post over here.

This was the original overview.

Designed in the French West Indies Vernacular, Myriad is truly a one of a kind Motorcoach Resort unparalleled in its fine finish, attention to detail and warm luxurious design.

We spent the last 5 years planning this resort, leveraging our experience in developing the finest in luxury resort communities and understanding the wants and needs of the motorcoach enthusiast. With oversized lots, lush landscaping, and deluxe coach villas for entertaining and overnight guests, to the meticulously designed infrastructure, we’ve anticipated your future wants and needs. We took the time to get it right.

This was the original park plan with owner sites to the left and renters crowded into the upper right on very small lots.

This is the new plan:

I can’t tell if it is basically the same plan as their website is a total mess with outdated information including a page with rental rates for the 2018/2019 season. Their Facebook page isn’t much better I’m afraid.

If Myriad is truly a one of a kind Motorcoach Resort unparalleled in its fine finish, attention to detail and warm luxurious design, then they might want to improve their website and their communication.

I have no idea whether this park will ever get built but their messaging sure does comes across as an amateur effort.

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