Back in Canada

Returned to Canada last Friday to play guitar for a few events. Between the travel, rehearsals, personal practice, and very late evenings, the past four days have been an absolute blur.

I am totally exhausted at this point. But with some amazing memories.

The highlight was last night’s event with Paul Baloche.

Paul is one of the top singer-songwriters in the Christian music community. His songs have been used extensively in the church including “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “Hosanna”, “Your Name”, “Today Is the Day”, and “Above All”.

He was touring in Canada for a few days and I had the opportunity to fly up from Florida to join him and support him on electric guitar.

Here we are in the green room just before last night’s event.

And here is a group shot with the band:

I’m not able to post the production video and songs on this website but someone did pass along a clip of the last part of one tune where I had an extended guitar solo. The smartphone angle is from the opposite side of the stage so you won’t see me clearly but I suspect you will hear the guitar.

Still rockin’ at 62. Never too old!

I fly back to Florida tomorrow and I am playing again this weekend in the States. Too tired to work through the next set of tunes today. That will happen Thursday and Friday.

Someone told me that you must retire to something as opposed to from something. So thankful that I can still play and serve.

The weather in Canada has been dreadfully cold with some pretty severe snowstorms. So thankful to be able to spend winters down south with the sun and warmth.

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