Tampa RV SuperShow Arrival

We have arrived to the Tampa RV SuperShow.

We will soon cross the gates into the show. No particular plan. We have the next three days to take it all in. The show will attract roughly 70,000 attendees so it will start to get busy although I expect most of the crowds will be coming in on the weekend.

We, on the other hand, will be leaving first thing Saturday morning. I have band commitments this weekend and, in between attending the RV SuperShow, I will be practicing my guitar. No rest for the weary.

Here is a video of our arrival:

Quite the process. Coaches queue to enter. Coaches move to a staging area to unhook. Coaches move to a parking area. And there it is. All settled in for a few days.

We have a great spot. Wide open at the front nestled under a large tree. Cellular data is good so far allowing me to post and upload some content.

Lorraine and Tabby wandered around the Newmar campsite and, predictably, met many old friends and made many new friends. Several couples that we know from Canada are here and it was great to catch up with them.

Somewhere over 200 Newmar coaches in this area. I haven’t counted them myself but it is a pretty big gathering of fellow Newmar owners.

Power is provided by these big diesel generators strewn throughout the parking area. Only 30 amp service so we have to be mindful not to trip any breakers.

The parking is thoughtfully laid out. Although all the coaches are spaced relatively tight, it feels open.

This was one of the main parking lots last night. I suspect it might be a tad busier this morning.

Looking forward to walking through the show this morning and checking out all of the new coaches and RVs.

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