Falling Iguanas

Apparently it can get cold in this part of Florida. How cold you ask? Well, so cold that Iguanas fall out of trees.

The overnight temperatures approached 0 Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit and the daytime highs struggled to reach 15 Celsius or 59 Fahrenheit. With the wind chill, it felt very much like late October in Canada.

No shorts and no t-shirt for me over the past couple of days.

I witnessed my fellow RVers struggling with the bitter Floridian cold. They were wearing winter jackets, scarves and toques. Here is a reference if you are unfamiliar with the toque.

We ran our floor heat, our heat pumps and our diesel furnace. We even threw on a few extra layers of clothing for good measure.

Then came more distressing news about the cold weather in Florida. We were told to be on the lookout for falling Iguanas.

Iguanas will drop from trees because they become immobile from the cold. They are not dead. They are just unable to move. Iguanas will start to fall from trees after the temperatures drop to the 40s Fahrenheit or below.

As Canadian snowbirds, we came to Florida to escape the cold weather. And now we are being told to dodge Iguanas as they drop, frozen, from their palm trees.

A winter apocalypse!

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  1. Marg Vermeersch
    Marg Vermeersch says:

    Hi Richard – i am pleased to report that our local iguana did not fall out of any trees in recent days, I think he is a bit annoyed about the weather and the fact that his rocks are not as warm as they normally would be. It has been on the cool side but it still beats the weather at home 😎.



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