Changing Lanes

Cones. I hate them. Not ice cream cones. I love those. No, I am referring to highway cones. My theory is that the people placing highway cones do so in such a way as to make it almost impossible to stay in your lane if you a driving a large motorcoach.

When highways are being repaved, the cones often force you to move quickly from one level of road to another level of road. In addition to navigating through very tight lanes, you are often forced to cross a pretty decent hump in the road.

With our size and weight, especially with the tag, we are very steady on the road. I do keep an eye on our toad through our rearview camera although oscillation is rarely a concern. For those people towing a trailer, highway construction can be a very real danger. An oscillating trailer is a threat to personal safety.

This driver blamed uneven lanes on I-77 for his camper crash.

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