Florida RV Parks

Florida RV Parks are expanding. According to the Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, over three thousand additional RV sites will come online over the next two years.

Part of the growth is due to the demand of retired snowbirds. That would be people like us, escaping the cold, dark days of winter in exchange for the sun and warmth of Florida.

But there is also another group looking for options. We see more of them online and in person.

Seeing them online is fairly easy. There is a group of people that decide to drop out of traditional jobs and use online media, primarily YouTube, as a means to fund an RV lifestyle. Their videos are basically stories about their daily lives, living the dream, courtesy of the financial support they get from YouTube viewers, Patreon subscribers and commissions from online sales through Amazon.

Too many to list really. They range from succcessful sites like RV Love and Keep Your Daydream to a seemingly unlimited list of RV YouTubers fighting tooth and nail for viewers to slam that subscribe button and bang that notification bell.

I admit that I would be very reluctant to hit the road with the expectation that other people would hand over their money in return for a weekly video about my private life.

But it can pay the bills.

Recent estimates for Gone With The Wynns — they originally started out as RV YouTubers and then switched over to sailing — show them earning close to $3,000 per video from Patreon alone or roughly $140,000 per year. Add in the cash from YouTube and merchandise and I suspect they are getting closer to $300,000 per year.

It is a full-time job for both of them. Building great content week after week takes a considerable amount of time and energy.

Aside from the online group, we are running into more people that have decided to work out of their coach. They want to enjoy some aspects of the retirement lifestyle — being south in the winter — while they continue working.

Instead of commuting into an office, they work out of their coach. I’m sure that approach to work must come with its own challenges and the option to work this way would only apply to a limited set of occupational roles.

Demand seems to be strong in Florida for better quality RV resorts and competition for customers is generally a good thing.  We are still booking almost a year ahead for our spot in Florida as demand is still outstripping supply particularly during the peak season.

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