Canada And The U.S. To Close The Border

In yet another stunning COVID-19 development, Canada and the United States will close the land border between the two countries. Er, sort of closed:

Canada and the United States will announce a deal to partially close the border on Wednesday, while allowing trade and commerce to continue, sources say.

To stem the spread of COVID-19, the two countries are finalizing a deal to close the border to non-essential travel.

The Globe and Mail is not identifying the sources because they were not granted permission to speak publicly.

An official said the two countries are in advanced talks but are still working out the details, including what the definition of non-essential travelers will be.

Generally speaking, the official defined non-essential travel as tourism and cross-border shoppers. The federal government has stressed that border closures will not affect Canadians and permanent residents returning to the country.

We full-time in our coach and when we are in the United States for six months, we are living in our home as a guest in this country. Most everything is now closed in Canada, including campgrounds, which makes our next decision a very difficult one to make.

We may have to leave. Perhaps as early as today.

I’ll await the details when the two countries make the announcement. Presumably, with well over 300,000 Canadian Snowbirds residing in the United States during the winter months, there will be some guidance as to how retirees can make their way back.

I’m not sure what we will do now. We would have to make alternate living arrangements. And where will we self-isolate for 14 days upon our return to Canada?

I admit to being more than just a little stressed out.

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