Florida Starts To Close RV Parks

This little gem just in from Monroe County, Florida:

Citing concerns for increasing threats to the Florida Keys from COVID-19, Monroe County officials announced Thursday plans to close hotels, guest houses, short-term rentals in RV parks and vacation rentals beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 22. This was done in the interest of public safety and due to the number of increasing cases in the counties north of Monroe County.

Monroe County is home to the Florida Keys. What constitutes a short-term rental in an RV park was not defined.

More closures for RVers in Florida? Yes, indeed.

Officials announced Tuesday that all camping accommodations at Florida state parks will be canceled for 60 days after Friday night. Parks will still be open during the day, but now with reduced hours — from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Is it simply a matter of time before we find ourselves forced to leave due to counties closing lodgings? And what happens if Florida issues an executive order like this one:

The California State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health is ordering all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence, except as needed to maintain continuity of operation of the federal critical infrastructure sectors, critical government services, schools, childcare, and construction, including housing construction.

This goes into effect on Thursday, March 19, 2020. The order is in place until further notice.

No end in sight for Californians.

Would we still be allowed to travel if we wait much longer?

The Canadian and U.S. governments have yet to issue a definitive statement on what constitutes non-essential travel at the border. Canada is required to allow its citizens to return and I would not expect any issues crossing the border. Getting there might be challenging if the northern states on our route issue executive orders similar to California.

We are being strongly urged by many back home to return while we still can. Someone even went as far as to tell us to abandon this lifestyle completely including selling off our coach.

Personally I think it might be a bad idea to try to sell our motorhome in the middle of a global pandemic.

Panic is everywhere.

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