The Haunted Rest Stop

Somewhere along the way we decided to find a rest stop. Driving a large motorcoach for 28 hours straight does take its toll and the need for a rest stop makes itself clear. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Well past midnight, travelling on I-75 through the state of Kentucky, we started looking for a rest stop. We have two washrooms on board. We were able to avoid using any public restrooms during the marathon drive home. But we still needed to find a safe place to park the coach.

Rest stop after rest stop was the same story. Literally overtaken by a seemingly endless gathering of semi-trailers. We tried one rest stop. We did not notice the sign that flashed a warning that the rest area was closed. Truck parking only.

The experience was surreal. Did several hundred truckers abandon their rigs here? There was no sign of life. And there did not appear to be a way out.

Check out our video below for a look at a haunted rest stop.

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