RV Castaways In Quarantine

Day 8 of our wonderful 14 days of quarantine. Perhaps a few of you are wondering what it is really like for us to be spending this time in isolation.

How am I doing? Not too badly all things considered. Here’s Ricky!

I can hardly wait until day 14 although things look pretty bad for where we are over the next three months:

After being briefed on provincial modelling, Toronto public health officials say the city risks mass deaths unless dire measures are taken for the next 12 weeks.

Hmmm… “dire measures”… that doesn’t sound encouraging does it?

Some of you may be wanting a better sense of where we are. I cut this video earlier today and it shows where we are parked.

We are doing fine. We are safe and healthy. We are doing our part, along with hundreds of millions of other people, to flatten the curve.

But we are in it for months now and not weeks. I’m starting to worry about whether we will be able to go back to Florida in the fall.

Let’s hope it doesn’t become that bad.

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