Quarantine Day 9

Day 9 of our 14-day quarantine. What fun do we have in store for today? Well, we get to find out just how bad this pandemic might be. The premier of our province will be releasing the “stark” numbers and the “dire” projections at noon today:

Premier Doug Ford says he has instructed Ontario health officials to release their projection numbers on where the province is headed amid the coronavirus pandemic on Friday.

In an update, the Ontario government said modelling numbers will be released at 12 p.m. Friday by health officials. Ford will then answer questions at 1:30 p.m.

“They’re going to tell the public exactly what they’re telling me and it’s going to be very clear where we were, where we are now and where we could be if we don’t follow the chief medical officer’s protocol,” Ford said Thursday afternoon in a press conference at Queen’s Park.

I can hardly wait.

What plans do we have once our mandatory quarantine ends?

We need to relocate the coach to our seasonal site. Fortunately it is not that far away.

Unfortunately the media has been encouraging mob mentality as it relates to social distancing and non-essential travel rules. Our plan is to leave in the dark and hopefully avoid any crusaders intent on calling out people not abiding by the COVID-19 rules. Here is one example of people calling out someone in New York City fleeing the stay-at-home order in a rented RV.

We will not be fleeing a stay-at-home order. We will be relocating our coach to our seasonal site once it opens. That will not be apparent to anyone we see as we move our motorcoach. Observers will look at our coach and assume the worst. Hopefully by travelling in the dark when most everyone will be asleep, we will minimize the possibility of being captured on a smartphone as we reposition our coach.

Quarantine shaming is now a thing. From a recent Associated Press report:

Quarantine shaming — calling out those not abiding by social distancing rules — is part of a new and startling reality for Americans who must navigate a world of rapidly evolving social norms in the age of COVID-19. As schools close and shelter-in-place orders sweep across the U.S., the divide between those who are stringently practicing self-isolation and those who are still trying to go about some semblance of a normal life has never been more clear. Complicating matters: What was socially acceptable even 48 hours ago may now be taboo, as government officials race to contain the virus with ever-expanding circles of social isolation.

Between now and when we need to move, our government may invoke even more stringent restrictions on mobility.

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