Uncertainty. So much of what we took for granted a few months ago seems to have existed in some alternate reality. Before the pandemic. Before the fear. Before the uncertainty.

This is now the start of the fourth week of social isolation. Aside from Lorraine and our golden retriever Tabby — along with three or four brief encounters with people one of which accosted me for walking the dog —  I have been removed from society in the real world. In a way, I live in the Matrix.

It feels odd.

It feels unhealthy.

In another ten days we will be getting ourselves ready to move to our site.

We won’t be quite as isolated as we have been at this closed for business dealership. We will have some community with other full-timers that we know. We will continue to practice social distancing but at least there will be ongoing regular contact with people in the real world. And a change in location and temperature will definitely help. The bitter cold and snow has not been much fun. It looks as though we will have to put up with the Arctic cold for another few days before temperatures finally swing back to milder levels.

I came across this video on uncertainty. I found it helpful to reframe my mindset.

I still don’t care for the uncertainty.

I am learning to manage it just a little better.

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