Springtime in Canada

Springtime in Canada. A mere two weeks before the unofficial start to summer, the May 24 long week-end.

To all of my American friends that have bought into the myth that Canada is a country of ice, snow and igloos, I would like to introduce you to what it is really like to live in this beautiful country in May.

It is a sight to behold. With Spring in the air, we hear the birds singing, we see the flowers blooming, we enjoy the trees returning to life.

Well. Maybe for a few weeks in July.

Right now, Canada is a country of ice, snow and igloos.

This is what we are enjoying this morning.

The two Dutch Stars above were both at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort in Florida to escape the Canadian winter. Our Canadian friends and fellow full-timers, Steve and Sue, are two sites down from us here in Barrie, Ontario.

We did not miss the Canadian winter after all.

We are missing Florida.

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