Winnebago Gets A Visitor

Vice President Mike Pence decided to drop by and tour the Winnebago factory on Tuesday. There is a short video up on YouTube of the factory tour. You won’t see any Newmar coaches being built in this video. Class C. Looks like they were building Outlooks on the line.

You will see masks. The factory workers on the floor are wearing masks. The government officials are not wearing masks. Strange.

You can read the full text of Pence’s comments to the Winnebago team here.

And the full video of his speech:

Pence is being told that RV sales are impressive:

I was just told by some of the leadership here at the company that Americans are buying RVs at a pretty rapid pace. In fact, usually, I think we heard that roughly about a third of buyers every year are first-time buyers; it’s pushing more like 50 percent. America is hitting the road in American-made RVs — (applause) — and you all should be proud that you made it happen.

I mean, think about it: This President has said gas prices are low, summer is almost here. What better time to go see America in a great RV?

A third of buyers every year are first-time? And this year it is half?

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