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When will the border reopen? We keep a careful watch on any new developments with respect to the “temporary” closure of the U.S./Canada land border.

What began as a 30-day temporary closure has now been extended three times. And I expect it will continue to be extended.

The rationale: limit the further spread of coronavirus. All non-essential travel between the two countries is limited. But not completely:

Many Canadians are unaware that, even though they’re currently barred from driving to the U.S. for leisure travel, they can still fly to the country.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told CBC News that its travel restrictions apply only to Canadians trying to enter the U.S. at land border crossings, which includes travel by car, train, ferry and pleasure boats.

However, Canadian air passengers can still enter the country as long as they haven’t visited Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the U.K. or 26 European countries in the Schengen Area 14 days prior.

The United States welcomes Canadians travelling by air. Not by car, train, ferry and pleasure boats. I think we can safely assume that motorcoaches are also restricted.

From a local Toronto media report:

Much remains uncertain during COVID-19 for the many Canadians who hope to escape the frozen north this winter.

What happens if border restrictions don’t ease by fall?

What’s going on with travel insurance?

And what’s the COVID-19 situation in various southern climes?

“Those are the three key determinants,” says Stephen Fine, president of Snowbird Advisor, a one-stop source of support, advice and services to its thousands of snowbird members across Canada.

Despite the travel ban in place until July 21, Fine says, “We’re cautiously optimistic that there will be a season. There’s a strong demand among snowbirds to get away.”

We are still in limbo with respect to our plans for the fall. In less than four months, our site will close and we will have to move on to our next destination. Under different circumstances, we would begin to look forward to travelling south in our coach.

Now? So much uncertainty. Difficult to plan.

The Canadian government remains committed to restricting the mobility rights of its citizens in the face of a public health emergency.

And, if the COVID-19 numbers in the United States keep climbing, I am not optimistic about our chances of being south this winter.

Recent polling shows the vast majority of Canadians want to keep the border closed indefinitely. This poll found that 83 percent of Canadians want the border kept closed.

Here are the numbers out of Florida updated today:

And all of Canada:

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