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Left or right? Or somewhere in the middle?

There are some interesting questions that people post about their motorcoaches.

I follow the Newmar products closely and I subscribe to dozens of groups that focus on our brand of motorcoach, the Dutch Star.

Here are a couple of shots of our coach. This one was taken last night at our site in Canada.

We looked like this a mere six weeks back. Yikes.

This shot of our coach was taken back in 2016 shortly after we had taken delivery of our brand new Dutch Star. We were staying at what was then the Petoskey Motorcoach Resort in Michigan. Lovely spot.

If you look carefully at the shot of our coach, you will notice something a bit different from the shot of this person’s coach.

Did you notice anything off about the second Dutch Star? As in the Dutch Star logo not being in the center of the front hood?

Someone posted that picture on one of the social media feeds to ask this question:

Is the DUTCH STAR lettering on the front of your coaches centered or off to the left like ours is? It’s about to drive me NUTS!!!! I’m about to pull them off!!!!!!!

Answer? Centered.

Probable cause of the Dutch Star lettering being inserted off to the left? Inept body repair work.

They had bought the coach used. They now suspect that the coach had been involved in some kind of accident. Hopefully they did a more thorough inspection on the rest of the coach before they bought it.

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  1. Al
    Al says:

    I like them both, they look like different years and the striping is also different so it could be the factory just wanting to make things look different or call it artistic freedom of the graphics designer for that year and model

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      The factory ships them out centered. This lettering was moved after the factory and likely a result of a panel repair. But it does have a different look… especially if you don’t mind things being off center 🙂


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