I Read The News Today Oh Boy

I should stop reading the news. Every day I drop in on the following Canadian news outlets: Globe and Mail, CBC, Toronto Star, National Post and Toronto Sun. On the U.S. side I drop in on New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Add in several dozen other online media outlets and there is no shortage of stories and no shortage of dramatically different perspectives on the same stories.

Let’s take a look at a couple for today.

First up? The front page story on the Globe and Mail:

I’ve highlighted similar polls in the past. This one today is from Nanos and it found that 81 percent of Canadians want to keep the border to the United States closed.

More than eight in 10 Canadians say the Canada-U.S. border should remain closed to non-essential travellers for the foreseeable future, according to a new Nanos Research survey.

I enjoyed one of the comments on this article:

80% of Canadians say the border should remain closed. However, 80% of Canadians seldom go to the USA themselves ever. More than 80% of Canadians are not in a business like hotels or restaurants that are dependent on travellers from the USA. 80% of Canadians think anyone making more money than them should pay more income taxes.

Over 80% of Canadians would like life to go back the way it was before the pandemic. 100% of snowbirds want the border reopened by October. Over 80% of kids would like to go to Disney World.

So it really comes down to what question you ask…

What else? How about this one from Business Insider:

Odd choice of picture to go along with that headline. An older model Class C on a Ford chassis? Not a luxury RV and certainly not an expensive RV.

Read the article and you will gain compelling insight into the millions that the wealthy are spending on RVs:

“Interest in the RV lifestyle … is literally off the charts now,” Garry Enyart, chairman of the RV Industry Association, told Business Insider’s Katie Warren.

Then again, the Wall Street Journal has some different advice for investing in RV companies:

Yes, it is time for RV investors to hit the road once all those wealthy folk have spent millions of dollars on their high-end RVs for a two-week summer vacation at a crowded campground during the global pandemic. Makes perfect sense.

And one more headline for today. More RVs experiencing spontaneous combustion.

It was a Holiday Rambler. No cause. Motorcoaches do this sometimes. They catch fire. Be careful.

Here is a video report on that fire:

I really need to stop reading the news.

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