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I’m really not sure how to react to some of these stories. But fair warning. If you come to Canada, we take the whole mask thing very seriously.

This is what happens if you refuse to wear a mask when ordering a donut. For my American friends, yes, the language spoken is French but I don’t think you need much in the way of translation. The man tells the police officer that he has a right to order without wearing a mask. It doesn’t end all that well for him. Ironically, the third police officer throttling the man is not wearing his mandatory mask.

The above video might get taken down and if it does you can watch David’s take on the incident.

In Ontario, the outcome for not wearing a mask could be deadly. This senior wound up losing his life for not wearing a mask at a grocery store.

We are in a region where we have a mandatory mask requirement when in public indoor spaces. And we wear a mask when required.

We are pretty much staying put in our coach these days. Seems safer than wandering about the country.

Not a great time to go to a donut shop.

Not a great time to go shopping for groceries.

Not a great time to be travelling in a motorcoach in North America.

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  1. John Madill
    John Madill says:

    Hello Richard. I think your blog is widely read with a good following in the RV community in the US. So I have to take issue with your comment that a senior lost his life for not wearing a mask.
    The person was indeed challenged when entering the store, refusing an offered mask which local regulations required. He then assaulted the clerk, left the store and used his car to hit other vehicles. He drove to his residence where he was a known reclusive and antisocial. Police went to his residence and were shot at. Later, in a confrontation with a SWAT team, he was shot and died. This account is from local news media and CBC. The independent SIU investigation continues.
    My feeling is that this person was a volatile individual, estranged from family and community, in possession of guns and a blow-up waiting to happen. The mask incident may have been a trigger but he was not shot for not wearing a mask.

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      A senior lost his life because he refused to wear a mask and the chain of events that followed resulted in him being killed by police.

      This tragic incident would never have happened if he had simply worn the mask. When in a region where it is required to wear a mask, wear a mask. Not worth being arrested or killed.

  2. david bullock
    david bullock says:

    Go north and find a nice lake to park beside. We don’t really even hear all the bullxxxx up here, except when we turn on the news (if you can actually call it that). We are going to suffer our way thru the winter up north, as I am sure the border won’t be open, and not sure that I really want to go down to all the cases in Florida. I feel for you, as I was raised in Englewood and know what you will be missing. We winter in the Brooksville area. Not nearly as expensive as Port Charlotte, and a lot quieter!

    • Richard
      Richard says:

      I hear you! We love our site in Port Charlotte and it looks as though the border will not reopen for snowbirds this year. We’ll have to start making some contingency plans as spending the winter in our coach in Ontario is not a practical option for us.


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