Montrose San Juan RV Resort

Is it really the perfect home base for exploring Colorado? We’ve never stayed at the Montrose – San Juan RV Resort. And I don’t think we ever will. At least not based on the recent experience of Jason Epperson and Abigail Trabue.

Jason and Abigail run a popular YouTube channel and website. They were kicked out of the Montrose – San Juan RV Resort for the crime of receiving a package.

I went on the Montrose – San Juan RV Resort website and they do include a list of rules and policies although nothing about being evicted for receiving a package. The resort does include this friendly policy:

The resort reserves the right to discharge any person who violates any law, policy, rule, regulation, or creates a disturbance in any way.

Jason had completed an online order to be delivered by FedEx. When FedEx attempted the delivery, the campground office refused it. Rather than simply take it back to the FedEx depot, the driver called Jason directly. Jason went out to meet the driver and picked up his package.

The manager, apparently unable to tolerate this severe violation of one of the park rules, exercised the resort’s right to discharge them. Under supervision of law enforcement no less. This was the email they received from the manager (the typos are in the source email):

Fed-ex package

Mr. Trabue, on 7-29-20 you willfully took posession of a package from Fed-ex after being told you could not receive mail or packages at this address. This rule is in our park policy that you were given, and when the reservation was made. Due to the severity of the violation, you will have to leave the park by 1:00 pm Thursday 29 July 2020. If needed Montrose County Sheriff Dept. will be available to facilitate this matter. Tom

This is how Jason describes the incident:

On 7/29/2020 we received a package from FedEx which was in violation of campground rules, a rule that was on page FOUR of the rules under long term residence (a section we didn’t read because we were only there for six nights). This is not the first time people have been kicked out of this campground, not the first time the cops have been called to monitor people’s removal. This campground is apparently notorious in the community for being “the worst.”

Fortunately, in our park, we can receive packages. The staff will often deliver them right to our door.

Here is the video covering their experience in being evicted from an RV park.

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