How Much Longer?

Two to three years. Perhaps longer.

Our chief public health officer, Theresa Tam, is telling Canadians that the pandemic could continue until 2024.

Countries around the world have put in place unprecedented lockdowns and travel bans, shutting down entire sectors including service, hospitality and tourism, along with other non-essential businesses.

Tam is warning that provinces may need to crack down again if infections spike.

Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy public health officer, said this:

People might think that if we get a vaccine then everything goes back to normal the way it was before. That’s not the case… All of the measures we’ve put in place now will still have to continue with the new reality for quite some time. Certainly I think that we need to temper people’s expectations, thinking that the vaccines can be that silver bullet that will take care of everything, and everything we’ve done up to now won’t be necessary in the future.

Our health officers have given us so many reversals that I remain somewhat skeptical of the claims and advice coming from them and from the Canadian government. Virus risk, mask wearing, border controls, flattening the curve, surface contamination, mass gathering protests, rules and regulations have all seen dramatic changes and reversals.

What about some hope and a vision for the future from our leaders?

Something more than just an unending series of rules, regulations, lockdowns and travel bans?

I chuckle when I read all of the stories coming out of the United States about the record-breaking number of people travelling en masse with their RVs. Perhaps there is some truth to it and maybe the July numbers will show record-breaking levels of new RV production. But give your head a shake. Does it really make sense to go out and buy an expensive motorcoach or RV during a public health crisis in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s with millions out of work and just prior to another potential economic lockdown?  To get away from it all for a week or two at a crowded campground?

If all of those stories about record-breaking RV sales have some substance then we will soon see stories about buyer’s remorse. Perhaps reading this article on 7 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Buy An RV might be helpful if you are thinking about joining the mad dash to buy an RV during COVID-19.

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