The headlines continue. RV sales are soaring. You may have come across some of these headlines particularly if you consume media in the United States.

Ever wonder how the media discovered this trend in the RV industry?


From RV News:

RVs have played a supporting role in American life for decades. This summer, their long overdue turn in the spotlight seems to have come. In headline after headline, news segment after news segment, RVs have ascended to a starring role in national culture. RVs’ newfound popularity owes much to the behind-the-scenes work of a dedicated crew promoting the industry and lifestyle.

“The RV Industry Association’s PR team, working in conjunction with our PR partners, has directly placed 137 news stories in the past 137 days garnering hundreds of millions of impressions,” said Monika Geraci, senior manager of marketing strategy and operations. “This, in addition to the exciting launch of Go RVing’s Go On A Real Vacation campaign, has strengthened our industry’s push to become the go-to summer travel option.”

The joint efforts of the RVIA’s marketing and Go RVing teams have led to positive RV coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, CNBC, CNN and Fox News, among many others media outlets. Earlier this week, People magazine’s website promoted a feature showing celebrities taking RV vacations.

“The press coverage we’re experiencing now may be one of the most consistent runs of positive media about the RV industry ever seen,” Geraci said. “The story of surging sales and unmatched interest from first-time RVers is reaching millions of American households across the country.”

A PR team directly placed 137 news stories in the past 137 days.

Surging sales and unmatched interest.

Spin. Or really just a clever PR campaign.

And it might produce some additional sales. We’ll soon find out once the RV shipments for July get published.

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