Are All RVs Really Junk?

Short answer? Yes. More or less. Some are better than others but they all have problems. In too many cases, lots and lots of problems. And it doesn’t matter how much you spend on the RV. Expect issues and you won’t be disappointed.

The RV Show USA channel posted a video a few months back asking this same question. Take a look.

Where Alan and I differ is in the relative importance of the dealer. In my view, the really important factor is the customer support from the manufacturer especially if you wind up buying an expensive motorcoach. It was the main reason why we went with Newmar. They had a reputation for standing behind their product and supporting their customers. Not perfect — none of them are perfect — but for most Newmar customers the customer support is good enough. In our experience more than good enough.

We have had excellent support from our dealer as well and after four years in our coach we now have a fairly stable platform. There are still issues but most of them I either fix myself or I use a mobile RV tech. Aside from a bit of a fiasco with our awnings two years ago, we have not been stranded at a dealer waiting on parts or service.

If you spend time on social media, you will see many, many reports of RVers being stranded. It comes with the territory regardless of brand. Although Alan suggests that you cannot paint all RV models as bad, there is no doubt that systemic quality issues exist in the supply chain. Your brand new RV will have issues. If you are lucky, the issues won’t be severe and they won’t interfere with your enjoyment of the RV lifestyle.

Sadly, too many novice RVers go through terrible ownership experiences. We’ve spoken with many of them. They give up. They sell their new coach, absorbing all of that painful first year depreciation, and exit the lifestyle. Others, determined to stick with it, sell the problem coach and buy another one. We’ve met a number of RVers that have purchased two or three coaches in the span of a few years.

Something to keep in the back of your mind if you are looking into the lifestyle.

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