Taking Chances With An RV

Our coach is so different from a car. It is significantly larger, heavier and requires a careful hand at the wheel. Never take chances. Never be in a rush. Drive safe. Take your time.

I never speed in our coach. I never tailgate. I stay very focused and attentive to the traffic around me. Even now, when I get behind the wheel of our car, I am far more responsible as a driver than I used to be before getting our coach.

It surprises me when I see people driving their coaches or their fifth wheels in a reckless fashion.

I caught a recent video from the infamous 11 foot 8 bridge. The 11 foot 8 bridge — now 12 foot 4 — is a low clearance bridge that countless trucks and RVs have impacted over the years. It has several nicknames including the Can Opener.

Although there are numerous warning signs around the entrance to the bridge, vehicles continue to crash into it.

A few weeks back, at around 8:30 pm, it happened again.

This is what the entrance looked like moments before impact:

The traffic light was red. The large LED sign was brightly lit with the words “OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN” and there were several clearance markers on both sides of the road.

And then this happened.

The driver took a chance by running through the red light at high speed, oblivious to the clearance of his rig and giving the roof of his fifth wheel a close shave which took out two air conditioning units.

Travelling in the dark, jumping a red light and ignoring clearance warnings. So very risky. Taking a chance like this with a large rig is reckless. Thankfully no one was injured.

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