Canada To Keep US Border Closed

But only to “non-essential” traffic. The latest signalling from Canada’s Minister of Public Safety indicates that we won’t be returning to the United States anytime soon.

From Reuters:

Canada will maintain restrictions on non-essential travel with the United States until the coronavirus outbreak in both nations is much less serious, a senior government official said on Friday.

The comments by Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair suggest that the ban on non-essential travel could stay for months to come, given spiking cases of COVID-19.

The measures, first imposed in March, are due to expire on Oct 21. They do not affect trade.

Blair told reporters that Canada would keep the restrictions in place “until the conditions on both sides of the border … change very substantively, until we can be assured based on the advice we receive from our public health officials” that the measures could be lifted safely.

Our public health officials would like to re-impose shutdowns, limit citizen movement to “essential” travel only, and prohibit social gatherings. The big debate in our province right now is whether we can get together with family and friends over Thanksgiving.

“It’s all too likely we won’t be gathering for Thanksgiving, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while announcing that British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are in the second wave of COVID-19 on Sept. 23. But he suggested Christmas might still be on the table if we rein in gatherings for now. A day later, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé told Quebecers to cancel Thanksgiving plans.

Officials and medical experts have been emphasizing that the large, extended family gatherings with family members from all over are not a good idea this year.

Christmas might still be on the table? My goodness what a statement to make to the public.

We know of one couple that will circumvent the Canada/US border rules and head south this winter. They have hired a commercial service to drive their rig across the border. They will fly down to collect their rig and then drive it to their winter destination.

It angers me to no end that our government has imposed restrictions on social gatherings, physical distancing and travel. And yet it angers me more that people can exploit loopholes and backdoors to circumvent those restrictions.

In another three weeks we move out of our coach and back into a house.

It really is the last thing I want to do and I am quite upset about it.

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