New Home

We are moving. In two days. We get the keys to our house about ten days earlier than expected. And that helps us out significantly. Our site for the coach closes this coming Sunday. We did not expect to get into our house until the following Sunday. We thought we might be back to our dealer’s parking lot for that week.

Thankfully the dates are all lining up although it does mean quite a bit of work over the next few days.

Packing the coach will start tomorrow. Pretty much everything in the coach will be coming with us to the house.

We will start moving our things into the house on Wednesday and Thursday.

The coach will get a thorough cleaning on Friday and then we will take it to the dealer for winterizing and storage.

We won’t live in it again until May 1, 2021.

It seems so far away.

This will be our new home for the next six months.

It is a beautiful house right on the lake in a quiet, secluded community not too far from where we are currently staying.

I definitely did not expect to be coming off the road this soon.

The U.S. border continues to remain closed to Canadians and some pundits think it might stay that way all through 2021.

I hope they are wrong.

Hard to do this lifestyle when you can’t travel south in the winter.

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