Moving Day

Up at 5am. Packing boxes. It is amazing how much stuff we crammed into roughly 500 square feet of living space.

We have filled 20 or so U-Haul boxes and we might have another 3 or 4 to pack.

Doesn’t include three guitars, audio console and monitors, all the computers and related technology, all the cameras, bike, golf clubs, books and whatever else we decide to take with us from the coach for the next six months.

We will leave very little behind in the coach. Ladders, tow bar, air compressor, kitchenware and perhaps a few other odds and ends. All the furniture and appliances will remain.

Soon the coach will be empty. And soon it will be left alone to face the harsh winter of Canada.

We will be heading out to the house in another few hours with one load of boxes. It will probably take 6 or 7 trips from the coach to the house to finish the move and that will be done this evening and tomorrow.

Friday the coach will be thoroughly cleaned and then off to the dealership.

The coach has been our home for the past two years. The government has caused us significant stress as full-timer RVers ultimately forcing us to change our lifestyle and to leave our home on wheels. All to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have complied with the COVID-19 rules, regulations and recommendations from our government and we will continue to do so.

But I’m not happy about it.

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