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Moving day went well although a pretty long day especially for Lorraine. She kept at it until well after midnight I suspect. Packing the coach went much faster than unpacking into a house. We’ll be emptying boxes for several days.

We had a beautiful fall day for the move. Here are a few pictures of the new place.

The winter house for 2020/2021:

Our view:

We have our own dock which, of course, we won’t use because we do not have a boat. And we have a large swimming pool which, of course, we won’t use because it is closed for the winter.

We have two sunrooms to enjoy the lakefront views. Here is one of them:

It is a beautiful house and I am certain that we will enjoy it over the next six months. A bit like being on vacation.

What was the very first thing I checked when we entered the house for the first time?

Speed of the Internet of course.

We are on a 1 Gbps unlimited Internet service. Getting over 650 Mbps on the wireless devices on the 5G WiFi band.

That made me very, very happy.

One of the few things that I miss about having a house.

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