Virus? What Virus?

Lockdowns. Curfews. Masks. Bubbles. Circles. Yes, it goes on and on doesn’t it? Here in Ontario we have no less than five classifications to manage the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Prevent (Green)
  2. Protect (Yellow)
  3. Restrict (Orange)
  4. Control (Red)
  5. Lockdown (no colour apparently)

There is a comprehensive document that outlines all of the restrictions that apply to each classification which you can download over here. Of note is a section that speaks to the key risk factors of potential transmission. Coincidentally, there are five key risk factors:

  1. Crowded Places
  2. Forceful Exhalation
  3. Prolonged Exposure
  4. Close Contact
  5. Closed Spaces

The government of Ontario tells me that it is critical I understand the risks of gatherings (crowds).

With that context, let’s look south.

The 2021 Florida RV SuperShow is still on. In 70 days. Perhaps the pandemic will be over by then. I could not find anything on their website that even acknowledges a pandemic is underway. Last year the show attracted 74,000 attendees. We were there and it was packed. I wonder how many will show up this year?

Quartzsite is also a go. According to the Arizona Highway Department, as many as 1 million people come out to this event. Unlike the Florida SuperShow, Quartzsite did post an update on COVID-19. Here it is:

  • Face coverings will be mandatory for all exhibitors, attendees and show staff.
  • Numerous hand cleansing stations will be placed throughout the facility.
  • The 3 Isles inside the temporary structure will be expanded to 15’.
  • All isles will be one-way only.
  • Signage reminding attendees regarding social distancing and isle direction will be placed strategically throughout the facility.
  • Clear plastic dividers will be places between all exhibitors’ selling areas inside the temporary structure.
  • Overcrowding will be controlled, when necessary, and some entrances may be closed, temporarily, in that event.
  • We will be encouraging attendees, via social media, press releases and through other media sources to avoid attending opening day and to attend during the week, if possible, to avoid long waits to enter the BIG TENT.

Strange times.

In Ontario, no outdoor public gatherings over 100 people.

And definitely no RV shows. At least not for the foreseeable future.

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