The Rumours Are True!

Very few coaches to buy!!! That was the title of a recent thread on one of the iRV2 forums.

Here is the post:

It’s true !!!

Thinking about downsizing from our Monaco 43DFT since we are only two and not full time…

Went by Motorhome Specialist In Alvarado, Tx… sort of a large dealer!

The rumors are true, they have very little to sell !!!

They used to have three HUGE lots of rv’s and are down to about a half a lot of just a scattered few rv’s !!!

Guess no new inventory coming in and all kinds of new buyers testing the RV waters !

So many exclamation marks. It must be true. They (the RV industry overall or perhaps this one dealer) have very little to sell.

The latest projection from ITR Economics: RV shipments are expected to surpass 400,000 wholesale units by the end of 2020 and the RV industry should see continued growth in 2021 to more than 500,000 units.

They are calling for roughly 425,000 units shipped in 2019 which, if that happens, would be a gain of roughly 4.5 percent over the 406,000 units shipped in 2019.

ITR Economics is projecting a likely outcome of 507,000 units shipped in 2021 which would be an increase of over 19 percent over 2020. That number would be the best total ever recorded for the RV industry.

If it happens.

2020 will be a good year for the industry. A total annual shipment of 425,000 units would represent a number in the top five of annual totals on record. An excellent result given all that has taken place this year.

I suspect that many dealers went into the pandemic with a great deal of caution and that a good business strategy would have been to manage the inventory levels closely until supply and demand levels recovered. Most of the shipments going out the door continue to be lower cost units in the towable market. The motorized segment, especially Class A motorhomes, have yet to recover.

Scanning RV Trader, there appears to be no shortage of Class A motorhomes on the market. At least 6 months supply of inventory for sale if you are in the market for a new motorhome. The industry builds about 1,000 Class A motorhomes a month and there are over 6,000 new Class A motorhomes listed on RV trader. I suspect there may be a bit more inventory on dealer lots than what RV Trader is showing.

Lots of coaches to buy!!!

It’s true!!!

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