How Fast Is Too Fast In An RV?

Speed. Gotta get there. Faster.

If you drive a motorcoach, I’m sure you have seen this happen on the highway. A large diesel pusher races past you, travelling at least 75 to 80 mph.

Why would anyone think it safe to travel that fast in a motorhome?

This question was raised on social media from an owner of a Newmar Dutch Star:

2021 DS 4310 OBSERVATIONS: We just picked ours up, and there are a couple things I’d like to know if others have experienced and found a fix for:

1) Speeding Reminder – Around 73 MPH, it says speed warning, and with cruise set at 75MPH, this is super annoying because it says it nearly non-stop.
2) Cruise Max Speed 75MPH – How can I get this re-programmed to allow whatever speed I want?

Here is the fix: SLOW DOWN!

Most RV tires have a maximum rated speed of 75 mph. If you flat tow a vehicle behind your coach, you may also have a maximum speed limit from the manufacturer. In our case we have to limit our maximum speed to 65 mph when we flat tow our Lincoln.

Every time I see a thread about highway speeds, the majority of motorcoach owners comment that they travel between 60 and 65 mph on the Interstate. We set our cruise to 62 mph when cruising the Interstate.

Cruising over 75mph?

Way too fast.

The tires will build up a lot of heat. Braking distance will increase. Fuel efficiency will decrease. Control of the vehicle in the event of a tire blowout will be compromised.

We remain locked down in Ontario, Canada with the coach in storage for the winter. Hoping that life gets somewhat back to normal come May and that we can travel about the country again.

When we do, we won’t be in any rush.

62 mph is about right for our coach. Reasonable fuel economy. Safe highway speed.

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