Lockdowns Coming

Tracking. Recording. Mixing. Performing. Producing. Almost non-stop for the past six weeks. Many days went 14 hours or longer. And no breaks.

Until today.

I submitted the final mastered songs for A Very Harvest Christmas yesterday. This is an annual production that raises funds for the work of the Salvation Army. With the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are planning to run 7 in-person events and 4 livestream events starting next week. Maybe.

This is a short promo video. Don’t worry if you are on the website. It is on autoplay and looping with no sound. If you look carefully, you can see me on guitar in a few of the video cuts.

Our production team has been working non-stop since the beginning of November on this project.

My part was well over 250 hours. I will post a few of the videos once we have released them to the public.

But lockdowns may be coming. As soon as next week.

And if that happens, all of the hard work we put into the production will be tossed aside for the in-person events. The lockdowns would reduce in-person events to a maximum of 10 people including staff. In effect, our 7 events would be cancelled. Livestream only.

Such a frustrating time. Border closures. Retirement plans upended. Can’t even plan to do scaled back Christmas events.

Our province will shutdown. The only question is when. I’m hoping they will wait until the 25th but there seems to be a lot of pressure to lockdown on Monday.

Anyway. I am very happy with the result of the work and it kept me focused on something other than the pandemic and the onset of a harsh Canadian winter.

Might need something else to do for the new year.

And back to regular posting.

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  1. Mary Bullock
    Mary Bullock says:

    You could always use the time to check out a new winter home for the future! Doesn’t look too promising for the forseeable future to be heading south. If it’s any consolation, we are stuck in the same snowdrift. Only difference is we didn’t sell our house when we started going south for the winter, so I guess we are basically in the same boat., But we are 6 hours north of your location, so winter has already started.


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