Merry Christmas

Go Tell. A great song from our livestream Christmas event. We were able to hold seven in-person events as the lockdown in Ontario does not come into effect until tomorrow. We followed all of the local health requirements to ensure a safe environment for our attendees.

I was there for six of the seven events to oversee the technical environment even though we had automated all of the production elements. In a way, we were really running more like a movie theatre than a live concert event. With all of the automation control, it was literally press the “Go” button to sequence all of the show elements for lighting, sound and visuals.

I wanted to be there in case our highly complex technical environment had a problem. And I also enjoyed seeing how the crowd responded to the production.

I miss performing live although I think we came pretty close to getting the energy of a live performance out there with this version of Go Tell It. Aside from the horns, I  recorded and mixed all of the tracks and played all of the guitar parts. A much bigger job than when I only have to worry about playing guitar for a live concert event.

You will see me playing in the video although Obi and Anna, the two vocalists, are really the stars to watch.

Merry Christmas everyone. Here is hoping for a much happier New Year!

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