In Over My Head

“This is why we should be in Florida!”

A bit of context.


Lots and lots of snow. It looks nice though, doesn’t it? Our winter house, covered in snow.

In fact, it hasn’t stopped snowing heavily here since Christmas day. So much snow that we are getting our driveway cleared daily. So much snow that I have to keep clearing out the walkways. So much snow that it really doesn’t matter that our province is in lockdown. We aren’t going anywhere in this weather. Take a look at the road leading out from our house. Yes, it is in there somewhere, buried underneath all that snow.

Needless to say, it has been a few years since I’ve had to attend to snow clearing duties around a house. We should be in Florida right now, enjoying our friends and our family and enjoying our motorcoach in the sun and mild weather. Instead, we are getting reacquainted with Canadian winters and the hazards that go along with snow and ice.

Did you know that falling is the second-leading cause of accidental death worldwide? Did you know that falling is a major cause of personal injury, especially for older people?

A falling person will reach terminal velocity after 12 seconds or so. Closer to the ground, there isn’t enough time to reach terminal velocity.

There is still enough time to sustain injury.

I slipped.

I fell.

I’m injured.

Thankfully it seems to be a mild concussion. At least according to Dr. Google. Going to a hospital in this pandemic is really best reserved for those with near death symptoms. Our socialized health care system is not handling the COVID-19 load very well, hence the lockdown.

There was no bleeding and no swelling after the fall. And I am doing better today than when I first hit the ground with my head a few days back. I did pass out for a few minutes after impact. Lorraine and Matthew came out and helped me back into the house.

As Lorraine brought me in, she made this astute observation: this is why we should be in Florida.

Lorraine is always right.

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  1. Michael Butts
    Michael Butts says:

    I agree with you and your wife 115%! We’re hoping to restart our coach shopping this summer to replace RV #4 so we can flee the cold, dark, snowy, dark, cloudy, and dark winters here.

    I hope you are not permanently damaged and are feeling better soon.


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