You Have To Blog Again

“You have to blog again!” my wife said.

“I will.” I promised.

And I did not. Not for a long time.

It is difficult to describe the resentment I have for the actions taken by my government during whatever passed for a global pandemic. The impact on public health, on mental health, on financial and community well-being, as far as I can tell, was overwhelmingly negative. At least it was for me. I suffered and I became ill.

We had hopes to resume travel in the fall however I was not in any shape to be away from home. For a number of reasons we could not make it to our second home in Florida this winter. My sickness, government dithering on reopening a border that never should have been closed, and limited availability of rental properties all conspired to push this option out to another year.

I am slowly getting better, I think, although there are still bad days along with the good ones. I really wasn’t up for travel this year at all but we had made plans to go southwest for a few months and here we are.

I am currently writing this from a beautiful resort in Phoenix, Arizona. We left Canada on January 9th, by car, and we have driven almost 3,500 miles.

In some ways, the trip has been similar to our travels before the pandemic. We had criss-crossed the U.S. during our first year as snowbirds. We so enjoyed the freedom of travel. To see new parts of North America and to meet new people.

I definitely miss the retirement we thought we would experience in our motorcoach but I will say that I deeply appreciate being able to resume travels again. And I won’t take it for granted as I did when we first started our adventures. Based on my reading of a number of government policies underway in Canada, I could easily see travel becoming restricted or even prohibited as it was in 2020, 2021 and into 2022.

Today I am surrounded by sunshine and beautiful landscapes. Today I will enjoy and celebrate life and I will be thankful that Lorraine and I have this time together to live our lives and resume our adventures on the road.

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  1. John Mark Parent
    John Mark Parent says:

    As a border businessman in Northern New York, I share your disdain for the border policy enacted by your government, In your prime minister you have the makings of a future tyrant,


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