Corning Museum of Glass

After three weeks of travel we have now arrived to our condo in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be here for a month which will allow us ample time to explore and photograph some of my favourite landscapes in the area: Death Valley State Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon amongst other locations within an easy drive of the city. Then, end of February, we head to Sedona, Arizona where we have rented a beautiful house for the month of March.

I’ll go back a little bit and update where we stopped on our way down from our home in Barrie, Ontario.

Our first stop was in Corning, New York. Roughly a five-hour drive which satisfies our 10:3 rule: on the road by 10am and off the road by 3pm.

Although it was early January there was no snow to be found in upper New York state. This would be the case for the bulk of our 3,500 mile drive to Las Vegas. A tad unusual but it made for mostly pleasant driving conditions save for the tornados in Arkansas but that story will wait for another post.

We have stopped in Corning before but we never made time for the Corning Museum of Glass.

This time we did.

It is a unique museum with a decidely minimalist theme. So much negative space in the primary sections of the building.

Here are a few exhibits in this area.

Fascinating and unique pieces.

Lots of white, or nearly white, spaces surround the exhibits. That in itself creates a very light and airy sense of the glass pieces in this part of the museum.

There is an entire section that follows a more conventional display with amazing historical pieces from around the world.

We spent several hours walking through the museum. And we would go back. One advantage of visiting in early January? No crowds. We were mostly on our own throughout our time here.

Corning was a lovely spot to spend a few days.

Even in the cold.

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