The Road Ahead

One more day with Matthew and Madison and then the long drive from Maryland to Nevada. Roughly 3,000 miles spread over a few weeks.

I’ve been battling some health issues and there are good days and bad days. Most days, unfortunately, have not fallen into the good category. These health issues made travelling exceedingly difficult for me at times but it is important to be in the moment. And, as I am writing this after we completed the long drive, I can report that I did, in fact, successfully complete the drive.

We spent the day touring through some local museums. I don’t often seek out smaller museums but I was pleasantly surprised by the Calvert Marine Museum and the Pax River Naval Air Museum.

The highlight of the Calvert Marine Museum was touring the Drum Point Lighthouse. It is one of four surviving Chesapeake Bay screw-pile lighthouses.

Given the cold and wind on the day that we went through the lighthouse the tour was a sharp reminder of the challenges of life before the widespread availability of electricity and water. The living conditions for the family that looked after this lighthouse were harsh.

The aviation museum is best experienced with milder weather. The inside exhibits are limited in number and I would have loved to have spent more time looking at the outdoor exhibits but it was really too cold that day.

Back at the hotel we made our final preparations for the road trip to the southwest. We wound up making some pretty big changes to our itinerary due to weather. More on that in later posts.

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