Music City

The road trip from Barrie to Las Vegas was a long one. Over 5,500 kilometers or roughly 3,500 miles. We took our time for the most part. We elected to pick a few cities along the way to stop for an extended stay.

Music City was one of those cities. We spent a few days in downtown Nashville enjoying the sights but not the traffic. The downtown corrider is where we spent most of our time. We had wonderful weather for this time of year with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

I am a member of ASCAP and this is their main office in the United States. Other music publishers have their main offices in Nashville as well.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum highlights the impact of the Nashville music industry. It is an impressive showcase of Nashville talent.

There were many, many artist exhibits like this one.

Walking was certainly better than driving. Thankfully we had booked a downtown hotel to allow us to leave the car in the garage. The core is definitely easy to walk. There is even a dedicated pedestrian bridge.

The old in the foreground and the new in the background highlights the dramatic growth Nashville has experienced over the years. Everywhere we walked we could see the new construction.

The main street in the downtown core is filled with bars and restaurants and almost all of them have a live band. We managed to find one restaurant where we could enjoy a meal without a band. Not that I have anything against live bands. Just not while I am eating brunch.

No visit to Nashville would be complete without seeing guitar shops like Carter Vintage.

How much would you pay for some old guitars? Say a 1950 Fender Broadcaster or a 1953 Fender Telecaster?

For the Broadcaster: roughly $78,000 CAD ($59,000 USD). And for the Tele: roughly $73,000 CAD ($55,000 USD).

Lorraine forced me to leave the shop before I could buy these guitars.


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