Oklahoma City

We kept heading west. After our stay in Van Buren, we made the relatively short drive over to Oklahoma City.

We spent several days here and, for the most part, enjoyed the visit. I will say that the drivers in Oklahoma City, at least from our experience, were unusually aggressive.

For the most part we explored the downtown area of Oklahoma City known as Bricktown. It is a remarkable area for a downtown with waterways, parks, restaurants and shops.

As we explored Bricktown we eventually discovered an interesting exhibit that highlighted the settlers heading west.

Weather was a bit cool and I suspect that kept the Bricktown area pretty quiet. We did not see very many people at all. It was almost as though we had Bricktown to ourselves.

The skyline of Oklahoma City differs from other large cities in that there a only a few towers. Otherwise the landscape here is really very flat.

On the Saturday evening we made our way to Life Church. This is a very large church network led by Craig Groeschel. The muti-site churches span 12 states and roughly 80,000 people make Life Church their home church.

We attended the main broadcast campus. There was certainly a lot of technology being used in this campus. The backdrop behind Craig is a large LED wall which allows for computer generated stage designs at the push of a button. They had robotic cameras to capture the service. And the Front of House system included a Yamaha Rivage along with top tier lighting and media systems.

Lorraine had a chance to meet up with Craig after the service. He is good friends with the founding pastor of our church back in Barrie. Small world.

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