Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

Difficult to spell and tricky to pronounce, we visited the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village for the first time on Monday morning. I guess I am still a few days behind on posting about our activities here in Sedona. Hopefully I will catch up this week.

Tlaquepaque is pronounced tuh-lah-keh-pah-keh.

What does it mean?

Abe Miller was the visionary and developer of this very unique shopping experience. He envisioned a village where artisans would create and live on-site. He named the village after a Mexican city by the same name.

Tlaquepaque is a word from the Nahuatl Native Indian language and it means the “best of everything.”

The village is home to roughly 50 shops and it is set in series of buildings and alleys that look more European than American to my eye although it was fashioned after the Mexican village of Tlaquepaque.

There are unique buildings everywhere in this village. There is even a church.

Admittedly seating is very limited so perhaps a better term might be a chapel in the village. Apparently wedding ceremonies can be arranged in the village and the setting would certainly be idyllic.

There are wonderful details to be found in the design of the buildings. The iron work around the various gates and fences, the cobblestone walkways and the exterior moulding all point to an exceptional level of attention to detail.

There is much to explore in this village and it is easy to spend several hours browsing through the shops and enjoying the atmosphere.

There are Sycamore trees throughout the propety. Some of them accent the laneways that separate the shops.

The main entryway into the village is literally guarded by gigantic Sycamores that have grown above the bell tower.

The Patio de las Campanas is often used for smaller wedding parties. The cobble-stoned courtyard borders the Tlaquepaque bell tower and receptions can be scheduled for 7pm or later.

The bell tower is an iconic landmark in Sedona. Although we have visited Sedona several times over the years, we never had enough time to walk through the village. Being here for a month allows us more than enough time to explore the area.

We planned on a late afternoon hike after our time at the village. We headed back to our beautiful house in West Sedona and rested up for what turned out to be a wonderful hike at the Mescal Trail.

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