The Long Drive Home

I have three more hikes that I will post over the next week or two as time permits. But right now we are getting ourselves ready to begin the long drive back to Canada. We left the frigid cold and dark skies of Canadian winter on January 9th and drove over 3,500 miles to my favourite part of the United States, the southwest. Tomorrow morning we head home.

Health challenges kept me down for most of January and February and that impacted some of the places I wanted to hike and photograph. The month of March in Sedona provided enough of an improvement to my health that I was able to hike and photograph dozens of trails and shoot several thousand frames.

Not sure about the future — no one really is certain about the future — but I am so thankful that I could leave the Canadian winter behind me and enjoy this amazing experience with Lorraine. I am somewhat concerned about how I will hold up on the long drive home but we have broken it down into a series of shorter drives. If I made it here, I can make it back.

We will be spending a few days with our youngest son and his wife once we reach Maryland and I am so looking forward to seeing them again.

This is what the drive looks like on the map:

And a table with the stops and distances:

We might add a few hundred miles to the journey depending on our time in Waldorf. It looks as though we should have warm temperatures for the most part but lots of rain towards the end of the week if the long-range forecast holds up.

Albuquerque will be 58 and sunny on Friday. Amarillo will be 74 and partly sunny on Saturday. Oklahoma City will be 71 and windy on Sunday. Lonoke will be 82 under mixed skies on the Monday. Cookeville will be 78 under mixed skies on Tuesday. Salem will be 82 with a 40 percent chance of rain on Wednesday. And 68 and rain when we arrive into Waldorf on Thursday. Wet weather for our time in Waldorf and Corning. Temperatures in Corning will be near 60.

And then Barrie will also be wet with a high of only 44 or a pretty cold 6 Celsius for the day we arrive home.

I’ll chime in as I am able while we are out on the road.

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