Settling In

We arrived into Port Charlotte, Florida just around noon on Monday. We are staying in Riverwood, a gated deed-restrictive golf course community.

Riverwood has 71 nature preserves, 48 lakes and ponds and the Myakka River. The preserves hold abundant wildlife including eagles, osprey, herons, turtles and more than a few alligators. We haven’t encountered any alligators at this point in time but we have only been here for a couple of days.

There are bobcats, owls, possum and otters although fewer in number.

The community holds just over 1,300 homes on about 1,300 acres of land.

The house we have for the winter is large. Very large. I hate to admit this but there were several times where we got lost in the house, uncertain as to where certain rooms were located.

Thankfully we seem to be finding our way now. We have become accustomed to living in much smaller spaces such as our motorcoach and our condo.

In many ways our time here is a bit like returning home. Everything is very familiar and, of course, it is wonderful to be outdoors with sunshine and warm temperatures.

My playing schedule at our church here in Florida begins this weekend and runs every weekend until we leave at the end of April. I have been busily prepping and memorizing songs. Aside from that work, Lorraine and I have been spending several hours a day walking and exploring Riverwood along with getting ourselves organized in our new home.

Such fun. Despite only being here a few days, it feels like we have never left.

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