Parallel Universe

We have been in Florida for a little over two weeks now. And yet, it seems as if we have entered a parallel universe. We were living in Canada last month. We are living in the United States this month. We have a home, a community of family and friends, and a church in both countries. One of these lives takes place in an idyllic environment. We live in a beautiful spot in Florida. Our waterfront condo in Canada is nice but very different from how we are living here in Florida.

I remember someone telling me that one week is too short for a vacation and anything more than two weeks is a retirement. I think I know what that means. Lorraine and I are living an alternate life here. We are not on a vacation. We do mostly the same activities each day but in an entirely different context.

Which universe do we prefer? That one is easy. We’ve talked about it and hands down we prefer our lives here in Florida. We seem to tolerate our lives in Canada for the six to eight months that we spend there and we so enjoy being in the States. Perhaps it is the weather. Certainly the winter in Canada can be a real test of character. And perhaps it is where we choose to live while we are in the States. We have been fortunate to spend our winters in some wonderful locations.

How are we spending our days?

We do a lot of walking. Usually two to three hours a day. Our community in Riverwood is on 1,300 acres which provides ample opportunity for long walks.

I practice my instrument. Usually two to three hours a day. I brought only one of my many guitars with me but my virtual rig works wonderfully well for the playing out that I do when I am down here in Florida.

Where do I play? At the two campuses of New Day Church. The main campus seats about 1,000 people and the satellite campus seats about 250 people. There are roughly 3,000 or so attendees. The main campus runs three services a week and the satellite campus runs two services a week. Wonderful to serve this way and it usually takes up most of the week-end in addition to all of the preparation time I spend during the week.

In between, we get together with friends and family and I enjoy reading and catching up on social media.

I have been battling some health issues and there are days when it can be very challenging to work through the pain. However, Lorraine reminds me that we are better here because we can be outside and we can be just as active in Florida as we are in Canada. Just in a different context.

I’m not sure how many more years I will have to enjoy these winters south. Despite the health issues, I am blessed to be with Lorraine in this paradise setting. And, after two years of being locked down in Canada due to Covid, I no longer take our time here for granted.

If I get so inspired, I will pull out the camera and take some photos of our neighbourhood. The landscapes are nothing like what we enjoyed when we were in Sedona last winter but there is a different kind of beauty here. I’ll see if I can capture some of it.


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