A long, long time ago, Richard and Lorraine met and fell in love. They got married in 1979. They had kids, three of them. They had busy lives. And then, before they knew it, the kids moved out and their careers were nearing the finish line. What will they do now?

Okay, enough of the third person narrative.

We have had an amazing life. Not without challenges mind you. But, when we look back, we have been two very blessed people. We have a great marriage and an awesome family.

This thing called retirement started creeping up on us a bit faster than we expected. Sure, we had been doing all of those things that you are supposed to do: invest, buy the forever house, clear off the mortgage. What next though? That was the question we kept asking ourselves. What will we do once raising kids and career are done?

The original retirement plan was to stay put. We lived in a beautiful home on seven acres. It really was a special place. Quiet, private. We loved it there especially during late spring, summer and early fall.

As we get closer to this next stage of our lives, we hope to gain new experiences and adventures. We hope to continue exploring and growing as individuals and as a couple. The idea that we would be custodians spending the bulk of our time looking after a house and property was less and less appealing. We want to get out there and see as much of North America as we can.

And so we started thinking about RV’ing. Part-time. Or maybe part-time most of the time. And then we started thinking about RV’ing full-time.

We are now in the middle of getting ourselves ready to go out mostly full-time. We plan to travel south during the winters and spend our summers in Canada. The time for change is closing in quickly now. I’ve handed in my retirement notice and July 2018 is when freedom comes.

This website is where we will share our story. Of how we got ourselves started down this path and what we went through, and what we are going through, to realize our dream of becoming RV Castaways.

We’ll share how we got ourselves ready to retire from a financial, physical, emotional and social perspective. We’ll share how we embraced minimalism and how tough it was for us to let most of our stuff go. And we’ll share the ups and downs of making a dream come true.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

We hope you will follow along!