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Between Us

Time for a little chat I think. About the differences between us. Us being the differences between Canadians and Americans. First up. We love being in the United States. We love — and we have deeply missed — our American family members and our American friends. My youngest son will soon be married to an […]

779 Days

Two weeks to flatten the curve. Of course it was never two weeks. But I never thought it would be two years of remarkable government intrusion into our lives. Monitoring our movements, locking us down, forcing vaccinations, restricting social gatherings, and the list goes on. So much changed from when we had decided how we […]

We Never Left

March 2020. We left Florida early to return to Canada due to the pandemic. We did not know it would be our last trip in our motorcoach. We struggled through the next year trying to hold on to our dreams to travel in our coach during our retirement years. And it became evident, at least […]

Exit Ramp

Enough is enough. That pretty much sums up my frustration with the actions of government. Canada imposed new travel restrictions further limiting our mobility rights. This on top of provincial lockdowns. We have experienced a perpetual state of forced confinement for almost a year now. With no end in sight. All international air travellers will […]

Polar Vortex

Arctic air. Something to look forward to over the next few weeks. Despite significant snowfall in December, the weather has been relatively mild for a Canadian winter with temperatures hovering around the 0 Celsius mark. That would be in the 30s for my American friends. Yes. Canadians have a different scale when describing mild weather. […]