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A Faulty RV?

Say it ain’t so. You spent a small fortune on a brand new RV. You drove it off the lot. And, surprise, things went wrong. Over the first few months, or even years, of ownership, your brand new RV could readily spend more time with the dealer than with you. Here is an example from […]

Life Is Too Short

Pandemics are no fun. Politics around pandemics are no fun. Border closures are no fun. I’d hazard to guess that I haven’t been having that much fun since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO on March 11th of this year. I lost my hair. Literally. After I became so ill in January, […]


This pandemic could go on for years. That is the message being communicated by our government and our public health officials. And it is also being played out in the media with scenarios like this one from Nature: June 2021. The world has been in pandemic mode for a year and a half. The virus […]

A Canadian Winter

Stuck north of a closed border, Canada’s full-time RVers are facing an unfamiliar foe: the Canadian winter. This from one of Canada’s major dailies: When Wendy Wood and her family left their comfortable life in Burlington to travel the continent in an RV nearly four years ago, they were hoping to find freedom on the […]

The Letter

I am so upset right now. So upset. Greetings from Canada. Lorraine and I are so very sad and disappointed that the Canada/US border continues to remain closed to non-essential travel by land. Until the border reopens, we are unable to cross into the United States with our motorcoach. The current “temporary” border closure measures […]