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Exit Ramp

Enough is enough. That pretty much sums up my frustration with the actions of government. Canada imposed new travel restrictions further limiting our mobility rights. This on top of provincial lockdowns. We have experienced a perpetual state of forced confinement for almost a year now. With no end in sight. All international air travellers will […]

Polar Vortex

Arctic air. Something to look forward to over the next few weeks. Despite significant snowfall in December, the weather has been relatively mild for a Canadian winter with temperatures hovering around the 0 Celsius mark. That would be in the 30s for my American friends. Yes. Canadians have a different scale when describing mild weather. […]

The Lottery

Just what we need. More uncertainty. That was my reaction to an email that I received yesterday concerning our site reservation for the fall. Most RV parks and resorts that offer seasonal rentals provide a first right of refusal for the next season. Our site here in Ontario works that way. At the end of […]

House Arrest

Stay-at-home orders were announced in Ontario yesterday. They will take effect after midnight tonight. Stay-at-home sounds better than curfew or house arrest although it is hard to see much of a difference. Our government has declared that leaving our home is now against the law and punishable by fines and detention. There are a few […]

The Mouse Trap

Rodents in the coach? Fortunately that has not happened to us so far. We have had lots of insect invasions in our coach. Midgets. Spiders. Mosquitoes. But no rodents. The absolute worst insect invasion in our coach? These guys: Stink bugs. I really, really hate them. They hail from Asia. They were accidentally released into […]