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Newmar Versus Prevost

Marathon versus Essex. Two great coaches. I have friends with a Marathon coach. And I have friends with an Essex. These two luxury coaches are significantly apart in terms of their asking price. This Marathon, coach number 1303, lists for $2.2 million USD, or $3 million CAD. Ouch. A Newmar Essex starts at around $770,000 […]

Exit Plan

What is the exit plan? That question keeps coming up every time I hear about a death in our RV community. Most of the people we know in this lifestyle are retired. They are older. Life can end suddenly. We hear of so many couples where a partner dies and the survivor needs to quickly […]

2018 Dutch Star For Sale

Life is difficult. That is how M. Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Travelled, begins. I read that book shortly after it was published way back in 1978. Peck wrote that life was never meant to be easy. Our journey in life is fundamentally a series of problems to solve or to ignore. And to […]


Something wicked this way comes when the warm weather in Canada arrives. Mosquitoes. Not just your run of the mill mosquito mind you. No. Canadian mosquitoes are killer mosquitoes. The smaller ones look like this. They will swarm you in seconds. There are bigger ones of course. A species of mosquito called Psorophora ciliata. They […]

Home Again

It feels like going back in time, doesn’t it? When you return to a place that you considered your home? For many of us, there is more than one place that was a home. When you are living in a motor coach, home is where you park it. “I have learned that if you must […]