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See It All In A Thor?

Any thoughts on the quality of the Thor line? Post a question like that and expect answers like this: I have a Thor and pull a pick up behind it. That way I can collect all of the parts that fall off it. Or: Sounds like a Thor is an excellent value. For the price […]

A Broken Bed?

Do you have a power bed lift in your Newmar Dutch Star? Did it suddenly stop working? Did you call Newmar and then spend the next several hours trying to make the darn thing work only to find out that it was something very basic and very simple? I hope this post helps you out […]


“It absolutely terrifies me to think of the prospect of any sort of easing of restrictions that could allow greater travel between Canada and the United States.” — Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases consultant and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. This map shows why it would be ‘terrifying’ […]

Record RV Sales Amid Pandemic

Fake news. A term commonly associated with Donald Trump although the phrase has a more formal entry in places like Wikipedia: Fake news, also known as junk news, pseudo-news, alternative facts or hoax news, is a form of news consisting of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media (print and broadcast) or online […]

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

I should stop reading the news. Every day I drop in on the following Canadian news outlets: Globe and Mail, CBC, Toronto Star, National Post and Toronto Sun. On the U.S. side I drop in on New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Add in several dozen other online media outlets and there […]