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What Does That Switch Do?

So many switches. You probably have a few hanging around your coach that you haven’t fully explored yet. Like us. Three years into our current coach and I am still learning about the various systems. Today we will take a look at some switches found on the Oasis Remote Operating Panel. In our coach, this […]

What Does That Button Do?

Buttons. Switches. Dials. Your coach has quite a few of them, seemingly placed everywhere and sometimes placed randomly. We have them on the front dash, hidden behind cabinet doors, on the walls of the coach, buried deep within the basement bays, and inside the engine and generator bays. Some of these buttons, switches and dials […]

Too Much Weight

Their rigs were too heavy (possibly) to cross the bridge. They ultimately decided to unhook their toads and back their rigs out of a bad situation. And then they give a few lessons learned in this video from You, Me & the RV. The lessons they learned? Never trust anybody and their guidance Don’t do […]


This morning I installed our sun shades on the coach. Although it has taken until the end of June, the sun and the warm weather have finally arrived. Take a look at the forecast for the next week: For my American friends, these numbers may seem quite cool. The combination of the measured temperature in […]

Soft Water

Hard water. Southern California. We really noticed it when we were there for a few months earlier this year. Some of the hardest water in all of North America. Where we are right now in Canada is not much better. Lorraine was after me to take some action about the hard water. I signed up […]