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Break and Enter

They broke in at 1:08 am. According to the cameras at the front gate. And they went site by site, breaking into any car that had unlocked doors, which was pretty much the whole park. There is a bit of a false sense of security, being within a gated community, that you will somehow be […]

Border Crossing

It seems like it was so long ago that we crossed the border into the United States. Three months. Roughly. I still remember that border crossing. It was such a tough drive. We had been stranded at the dealer for six weeks. Then we headed down to Sherkston Shores near the Peace Bridge border crossing […]

Loose Bolts

Check those bolts. Tom had posted to this thread on the iRV2 forum concerning loose bolts on Newmar coaches: While heading South on I-15 near Victorville, CA yesterday, we encountered sustained 30-40 mph cross winds with intermittent higher gusts. With one particular gust, it sounded like the roof of the coach was being ripped off. […]


People started lining up at roughly 10:00pm last night. Lining up to secure a rental site for the next season. Lorraine was hoping to be first in line but she arrived too late at around 11:30pm. She was third in line. The doors opened at 9:00am this morning and Lorraine, after staying up all night, […]

Reservation Process

The big day arrives tomorrow! Reservation day. Yes. Florida is a very popular snowbird destination. And, if you want to ensure that you have a site during the peak season, then you have to reserve well in advance. We are, hopefully, coming back to Myakka River Motorcoach Resort in November for a long-term stay. We […]