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Entegra Enters Class A Gas and Class C

I came across this press release from Entegra: Entegra Coach recently announced the expansion of its family of luxury products to include luxury Class C and luxury gas Class A members. “The name Entegra Coach is synonymous with luxury motorhomes,” said Andy Baer, GM of Entegra Coach. “Expanding into smaller coaches allows us to better […]

Fantasy RV Tours

Maximize your RV experience, minimize headaches. Such is the promise of Fantasy RV Tours: It continues to be our mission to guide RVers to new places, reveal authentic cultures and offer a value unlike any other travel company. We understand the importance of cherished memories and bonding relationships, and we have included that spark of […]

Celebrate Christmas IX X

As my countdown to retirement draws closer, a few endings become apparent. The biggest ending for me is career. But there are other things that will be ending as well. One of my bucket list items is to never be cold again in retirement. We intend to spend our winters in our coach traveling the […]

Tax Deductions for RV Owners

Not in Canada. A wonderful country but no tax deductions for owners of RVs. It looks as though the laws might be changing in the United States causing a bit of a stir for RV dealers and customers alike. This came in my Reuters feed: Recreational vehicle retailers from across the country were sipping morning […]

10 Qs

Tanja and Mark decided to retire early. Much, much earlier than me. They decided to retire in their late 30s, early 40s. Their website, Our Next Life, outlines how they approached their goal. And it looks like they have been successful. They posted a great article on 10 critical questions to answer before you make […]